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In the mood for a yummy drink to go with your Cinnabon goodies?  Need some liquid refreshment after a long day of shopping or traveling?  Never had a Cinnabon specialty beverage but want to try one?  The only question is -- which flavor should you try first?  Decisions, decisions…


Coffee £1.50 £1.79
Cafe Latte £1.99 £2.19
Cappuccino £1.99 £2.19
Cafe Mocha £1.99 £2.19
Espresso £1.39 £1.79
Extra Shot   £0.40
Syrup   £0.40
Hot Chocolate £2.09 £2.29
Hot Tea   £1.30
Soft Drinks   £1.49
Milk   £0.99
Bottled Water   £1.10


Chocolate Mocha, Caramel, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry, Tropical Blast

£2.79 £2.99
Mochalatta Chill £2.29 £2.49
Lemonattas £2.79  

Speciality Beverages



Chill out with our smooth, frozen beverages, available in these scrumptious flavors: Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana and Tropical Blast®.


Mochalatta Chill Mochalatta Chill

Our first specialty beverage -- and it's a Guest favorite to this day!  We've combined coffee, chocolate and ice so you can drink your cares away with this dose of deliciousness.





Introducing the Tangy Chillatta, a frozen lemonade alternative available in lemon, raspberry and orange-mango flavors. Refreshing! Available at participating bakeries.