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Baking FAQs

It's always good to pick an expert's brain when you're looking for answers to your burning questions -- so when it comes to your baking questions, just ask Cinnabon!

Besides cinnamon, what other spices are commonly used for baking?
Ginger, allspice, nutmeg and cloves are popular -- but we prefer cinnamon.

Is there a secret ingredient in Cinnabon Classic Rolls? 
Yes!  But we can't tell you…sorry.

What's the difference between icing and frosting?
Icing is a thinner topping drizzled or poured on top of certain baked goods. Frosting is thicker and is usually spread around so it covers more of the goodies -- and in our opinion, Life Needs Frosting.

Why do Cinnabon baked goodies smell so good? 

We won't bore you with all the science talk, but we've perfected the way we blend our signature Makara Cinnamon with our other high-quality ingredients to make sure you smell it whenever we're baking -- or basically whenever you walk into a mall, airport or any other venue serving our goodies.

How much ground cinnamon can you get out of a cinnamon stick? 
If you guessed about a teaspoon, you're right.

Why don't Cinnabon rolls have raisins in them? 
They used to!  When we opened in 1985, our rolls came with raisins.  But much to our surprise, most Guests preferred them without raisins, so when in doubt, take ‘em out.

Which came first - the cinnamon roll or the sticky bun? 
It depends on who you ask -- so let's just stick with the cinnamon roll and call it a day.

Which came first - the chicken or the egg? 
We don't use chicken in our products, but we use farm-fresh eggs, so we'll go with eggs.